What is Structurise (Seiri)?

Structurise is about separating the things which are necessary for the job from those that are not and keeping the number of the necessary ones as low as possible and at a convenient location.   In those times when the land was poor and supply of goods was naturally restricted, people would hold on to the least little thing because it seemed such a waste, almost a sin to throw anything away. Yet today, when there is an abundance of goods, services, and information, sorting through these things has almost become the art or rare skill. By looking at information alone, there is a whole new career field called information management that does nothing but sort through information and organise it. It is important to save things, but it is just as important to throw things out. And most important of all is knowing what to discard, what to save, and how to save things so that they can be accessed later.


Fig. 1a: Good Example of Structurise -- Storage of Parts

Fig. 1b: Bad Example of Structurise – Rubbish everywhere

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