What is Standardise (Seiketsu) ?

What is Standardise (Seiketsu)?  Standardisation means continually and repeatedly maintaining your organisation, neatness and cleaning. As such, it embraces both personal cleanliness and the cleanliness of the environment. The emphasis here is on visual management and 5-S standardisation. Innovation and total visual management are used to attain and maintain standardised conditions so that you can always act quickly.   Visual management has recently come into the limelight as an effective means of continuous improvement. It has been used for production, quality, safety, and customer services. Colour management has also come in for considerable attention lately. This has been used not only for colour-coding, but also to create a more pleasant work environment. There are more and more workers opting for white and other light-coloured clothes. Because these clothes show the dirt quickly, they provide a good indicator of how clean the workplace is. They highlight the need for cleaning.


Fig. 4a: Good Example of Standardise – Straight-line and Right-angle Layout

Fig. 4b: Bad Example of Standardise – Lack of Trnsparency

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